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Moving out of the Dark cover

Moving Out of the Dark

Having worked with a number of youngsters and ex servicemen, I have seen first-hand the levels of depression many of them live with. Cases of self harm and suicide are on the increase, and I want to try to do something to combat the devastation suicide has on the families of those it affects. This book contains a number of personal accounts from people who have attmpted or live with the consequences of suicide and attempted suicide. The idea behind it is to highlight some of the warning signs we might otherwise not notice, and perhaps be able to act before, rather than after the fact. Some of the names, dates and geographical locations have been changed to protect anonymity of some contriubtors.
The e-book and paperback versions are available on Amazon.

Sierra Leone: Deliver A Blow: The SAS Story of Operation Barras

The initial draft of this book, entitled First Man Through The Door, was banned by the Ministry of Defence after worries concerning national security. After a re-write, which removed all references to Vinnie Keane – the original first person narrative, the book was released and is now available in paperback, e-version or on Kindle. It covers the story of the SAS raid on Gberi Ban and Magbeni by the Special Air Service, the world's most elite fighting outfit. Drawn from interviews with past rebels and soldiers who were on the ground that day, Deliver A Blow offers a gripping and rare insight into the psyche of the notorious West Side Boys, who were a cut-throat and bloodthirsty bunch of drug-crazed rebels, and the way they treated their prisoners, their captives and their slaves child soldiers.
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I Was There When We Were Crap: A True story of (almost) blind passion

During the early years of Alex Ferguson's Manchester United career, the Scot came in for some unmerciful treatment from most of Manchester United's fan base. This story tells of Andy Pacino and his brothers' stoic belief in Ferguson and the relationship that grew between them, the manager and the club that is Manchester United. A foreword from the Britain's most successful ever manager tells of the respect and trust that grew between them and continues to this day.
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Algunos Graciosos, Algunos No: A collection of poems

These are a few musings intended as an outlet to some of my innermost feelings. As the title suggests, not all are serious, and this is intentional. I often find that collections of poetry are similarly veined and there's little variety in the way of style or release from what are sometimes deeply moving words. As I found one or two of my works on the depressing side, I wanted something to lift spirits and lighten moods.
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Sometimes Nonsense Means Something Cover

Sometimes Nonsense Means Something

This, Andy's second collection of poetry, is somewhat grittier than the previous Algunos collection, and it delves a little deeper into the human psyche. While there are still a good helping of amusing offerings, the majority of the work looks at life in the second stages, and reflects on accomplishment and failure.
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Shut Down The Crowd

The end of the year 2019 brought with it an unprecedented catastrophe that would affect the world for the first five months of 2020. Never before has there been such a collective effort to eradicate a Happening that had begun life in a small laboratory in Ma Shan Dong, the capital city of the Wu Xiao province of the Middle Kingdom. The stories in thi book are inspired by the reaction to and the effects the Happening brought with it. They explore how people react in different ways in times of crises; from the political stance at the top of the Government views to those on the street – the rag-tag bunch of ordinary and not so ordinary people.
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The Adventures of Kass & Dandy: A horsey tale of derring do

This the first children's book in a series from author, Andy Pacino. Here he investigates the love that horses have for each other and the brave lengths they will go to to help their friends out of tricky situations. The Adventures of Kass & Dandy will also help your children become more creative by using their imagination, as the second part of the book helps them write their own story and use colour to fill in the line drawings of the horstastic heroes. The third part of this fabulous book urges your child to use even more creativity, by writing and drawing their very own picture-story book.
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Underground Gallery: The Birth of a Movement

This book documents the legendary and ground-breaking Underground Gallery; Saudi Araibia's sole, expat owned, invite only art space. Riyadh's art scene is still, even now – years after the August 2016 launch of Underground Gallery, in the developmental stages. The attraction of Underground Gallery lay in the edginess of the artists exhibiting their contemporary and challenging work. At the time, there was little else available to new or serious collectors or genuine art lovers in the region, and Underground Gallery changed that. Sourced from 14 different countries and five ontinents, and boasting equally as many different styles, Underground Gallery pushed boundaries and opened doors for otherwise unheard of talent. This book details the rise of the gallery and the exihibitors who created such a dynamic movement.
Available in Paperback soon. Click the link below to buy the e-book.